Why Aren’t More Stores On Pinterest?

Thanks to Pinterest, I am 500% happier and fatter.

I’ve been using Pinterest for awhile now. To me it’s like a visual Twitter really. You’re sharing info/bookmarks through an image. It looks fun, easy to share and you can spend hours literally just browsing through photo after photo. I planned on writing a post about Pinterest from a male perspective (and still plan to), but I wanted to share some interesting findings first.

I just published my latest post for JoeShopping.com: 101 Best Stores to Follow on Pinterest. ¬†While it wasn’t the most challenging thing to write from a blogging perspective (words are easy), it was a research-intensive job putting that together. As I couldn’t find a pre-existing list anywhere, I did it all from scratch. I basically went through my rolodex of popular merchants (yeah, there’s hundreds of ’em), and did searches on Pinterest to see if they had a profile or not. What I found was pretty shocking.

It was actually quite difficult coming up with the list of 101 stores. Not just because that’s a mammoth list, but because so many popular merchants either didn’t have a profile at all on Pinterest, or they had one but did next to nothing with it! I’m talking stores like Old Navy or Sephora. Considering how crazy hot Pinterest is right now, you’d think all the major clothing, makeup and jewelry stores would be ALL over it!

Not only is Pinterest a fantastic way to increase brand awareness, it’s also a really fun and interactive way to be social with your customers. I’ll never understand why stores sign up for Facebook or Twitter and do nothing more than just spit out a boring link to a sale once per day. And that’s it. Social Media isn’t an alternative to banner ads. It’s SOCIAL. You need to get on there and share something personal. Interact. Talk WITH your fans and followers, not AT them.

Pinterest is just a blast to use and it’s so wide open that you can easily create a number of boards of your store’s popular products by category. You can also mix in some fun things unrelated to your store like great recipes, funny photos, inspirational quotes, etc. It just adds character to your profile. It adds personality. It shows that there’s a human face behind the store name.

Will more stores suddenly start jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon? It’s possible. But chances are, if they’re already lagging behind on Facebook and Twitter, there’s not much chance they’ll start pinning. Maybe if more people see the 101 Stores to Follow on Pinterest post, they’ll get competitive and want to be on the next list! My head’s already hurting thinking about the big 202 store list…

2 Comments on “Why Aren’t More Stores On Pinterest?

  1. Great article and awesome list. I’ve been on Pinterest, but haven’t managed to carve out the time to dedicate to looking at some of my favorite brands there.

    Now onto the image — um, is.. that.. an oreo.. INSIDE of a chocolate chip cookie?

  2. You’ll easily get sucked in with some of the brands. And yes, that is an Oreo inside a chocolate chip cookie. And it will be the greatest thing you’ve ever tasted.