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10 Ways to Stay Focused and Motivated While You Work

Staying motivated at work

Lately, I’ve had a tough time focusing. Usually when I’m busy with tons of writing on my plate, I can knock each one off no problem. But these days, I’ve got a semi-full plate and for some reason it’s just

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The 10 Commandments of Writing

It’s Passover, so what could be more appropriate for a post than discussing the 10 Commandments? No, not the ones about killing people, lusting after your neighbor’s wife or robbing banks. I’m talking about the 10 Commandments of Writing! As

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10 Things A Freelance Writer Must Do Daily

Ah, the freelance life. Such a carefree existence. No boss breathing down your neck. No co-workers belching incessantly at their desks. And no need to watch the clock like a hawk. It’s a virtual paradise. Or is it? Certainly there

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