Besides spending over 10 years working as a writer/editor for various publications, I’ve written hundreds of articles for magazines, as well as had a book published. Below are just a handful of the many publications I’ve worked with over the years.

Published by aNb Media, Royaltie$ is a monthly trade publication looking at the licensing industry with a modern day perspective. It focuses on tracking trends, keeping up with how and where consumers are spending their money, and investigating innovative companies that are offering unique products.

Writing Sample: Superheroes are Big Business



Toys & Family Entertainment
Another aNb Media publication, Toys & Family Entertainment is a trade publication focused on the toy industry including toys, consumer electronics and video games. It covers the latest toy industry news, analysis and trends in regards to how consumers are spending time and money on toys both in the U.S. and globally.

Writing Samples:
Realism in Ride-Ons
From Concept to Consumer: Steven Fink, Bang Zoom Design


Consider Wizard the Entertainment Weekly of the comic book industry. Every month they offered creator interviews, the latest news, comic previews, hot picks and some highly imaginative features (Like the “Top 10 Best Deaths in Comics”), but it’s all done from a fanboy’s perspective. Besides spending five years as a Wizard editor, I’ve written dozens of articles in a freelance capacity including interviews with comic writers Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek, and Grant Morrison, as well as artists George Perez, J. Scott Campbell and Andy Kubert to name a few.

Writing Sample: Beastie Boys (Wizard #69)



Sister publication to Wizard, ToyFare took that same fun approach only concentrating on the world of action figures. Besides being the former managing editor, I’ve written dozens of articles for the magazine covering everything from Hasbro’s latest G.I. Joe relaunch to the sexiest female figures of all-time.

Writing Sample: Mego Man (ToyFare #2)





The “crossroads of genre entertainment,” Cinescape was a monthly magazine covering the sci-fi, fantasy and comic book world as it related to movies, comics, toys, video games, soundtracks and novels. I wrote the magazine’s monthly toy column, covering DC’s Pocket Super Heroes, Mattel’s relaunch of He-Man, Moore Action Collectibles’ X-Files figures and more.

Writing Sample: On the Right Trakk




Additional publications:

  • Memorabilia – an oversized UK magazine put out by Titan Magazines covering “cool collectible stuff.”
  • DragonBall Z Collector and Pokemon Collector – two collectible magazines put out by Beckett covering cartoons, games, toys and more on both hot properties
  • Anime Invasion, Toons, Sci-Fi Invasion, Batman Special, Superman Special, Spider-Man Special, JLA Special, Witchblade Special – Various special-edition issues published by Wizard Entertainment, each revolving around a popular theme or character
  • InQuest – Popular gaming magazine from Wizard Entertainment focused on collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon.
  • Toy Wishes – Annual holiday entertainment guide targeted at mothers and young children, co-published by Wizard Entertainment
  •  “In” Power – Youth-oriented magazine published by Wizard Entertainment, aimed at popular children’s properties across entire entertainment spectrum
  • Moment – Jewish magazine covering modern news, culture and entertainment


I’m also an established author. I co-wrote a book with a colleague of mine, Tom Root (current lead writer on Adult Swim’s hit “Robot Chicken” show), looking at the various aspects of being a successful comic book writer today. We each interviewed a number of top talent in the field to find out how some of the best writers honed their craft.

Writers on Comics Scriptwriting, Vol. 2