Muppet News Flash: We Need A Muppet Con

While chatting on Twitter last night, @UberDorkGirlie commented that her eldest daughter declared there should be a Muppet Con. Now this is a woman who took it upon herself to get a Kickstarter program going so she could open up an UberDork Cafe, offering a family friendly place to eat, enjoy art, gaming, etc. (Check it out, it sounds awesome!) That quickly got me and the @HensonCompany talking and I soon discovered something called MuppetFest, a fan convention that started back in 2001. It didn’t last long, though. Well… I think it’s time to get things started. Again.

Okay, so I’m just a tad bit obsessed with the Muppets. I loved watching the Muppet Show on TV as a kid and used to chat with my buddy Ethan at the bus stop every morning about the most recent episode. Remember Mark Hamill and his “cousin” Luke Skywalker performing together? Or the episode with Steven Martin and that enormous balloon that ends up lifting him up off the stage? Pure comedy gold!

And the first two Muppet movies were pretty stellar as well. I’ve watched them recently with my kids and they definitely hold up. Not sure who loved them more, me or the kids! I wasn’t a big fan of any of the other movies, and honestly, pretty much lost my faith in Muppetdom after Jim Henson died. At that point, I just felt like the Muppets lost more than Kermit’s voice; they lost their soul.

And then Jason Segel comes along to give the Muppets a bit of a reboot. I rolled my eyes at early footage and had pretty low expectations. But once I saw more trailers and ultimately the movie itself, that spark was completely back. Just as the Muppets returned to glory in the film, my faith and love for them fully returned. I cannot wait for a sequel and hopefully another Muppet Show TV series! And my poor wife has to put up my insane obsession and affection for ping pong eyeball-covered felt.

Years ago I even started a website called (Don’t bother trying to snipe the domain; I own it.)  Y’see, I was talking with some friends once about how we’d most like to die. Typical guys, most answers involved a bevvy of blondes in bed, or defending the Earth from alien invaders. My answer? I wasn’t sure of the full details, but I quickly replied, “Death by Muppets.” Maybe they’d all chase me off a cliff, or hug me to death with killer felt arms. I had no idea. I just know that it somehow had to involve Muppets.

So to come full circle like Dr. Bunsen Honeydew’s head, I’m a bit obssessed with Muppets. The sheer thought of an annual fan convention revolving around the characters has me super pumped. It needs to happen. It has to happen. It will happen! Look at Star Wars. In 1999, the first Star Wars Celebration was held, and the annual Force-filled Fest is now more popular than ever. Sure, Star Wars has the power of Lucas behind it, but the Muppets have an even bigger force in their corner: Disney.

Disney’s about to realize the insane power of the Muppet. They owned the franchise for years and did squat with it. Cruddy movies. Next-to-no merchandise. And now, well, now they’ve got a major blockbuster film and they’re realizing that people don’t just love the Muppets, they need the Muppets! Theme parks, toys, movies, books, you name it are all great. But an annual fan convention starring the Muppets would be a no-brainer for the House of Mouse. They just need a good expo partner (like perhaps the Reed Group who just happens to coordinate the Star Wars Celebration as well).

What would a Muppet Con be like? Besides all the attendees dressed up in homemade  costumes and tons of dealers selling Muppet-related merchandise, it should be a… well… a celebration of Muppetdom! Celebrities from the Muppet movies and TV shows can do signings. Same goes for puppeteers and voice actors. Panels with folks like Frank Oz would be worth the price of admission alone. Live demos of how they physically make a Muppet, how they get the voice right, how they get all the parts moving, etc. Even a mini Muppets museum with real props from all the old shows and movies would be a great addition. And that’s just off the top of my head. As long as Muppet Con exuded the joy, love and double rainbowness of what it is to be a Muppet, anything goes.

I’m hoping to build a flurry of support for a Muppet Con and thought I’d start here with a simple blog post. I know the fans are out there. I know there are oodles of hysterically awesome Muppet fan sites as well.  I’ve got lots of friends in the comic book/entertainment business. So is there any reason we can’t start a groundswell of support for this idea? Let’s all join forces and get the old gang back together again… every year, that is.

So who’s with me?

25 Comments on “Muppet News Flash: We Need A Muppet Con

  1. LOVE IT!!! I am all about helping in any way that I can to see this happen!!! And you know you’ve got the suport of my girls too. Eldest is going to be thrilled to read this when she gets home from school. <3

    • I know you certainly are! I’m reaching out to all my industry contacts to see if there’s any way to legitimately make this happen. Let me know what your eldest thinks!

  2. Tomorrow, 4/14/12, there will be Muppets from The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas, and Fraggle Rock performing at Carnegie Hall. This kind of crossover is possible if it is run by the Jim Henson Legacy. So, it would probably have to be a Henson Con so that it would be approved by Disney, since Disney tends to make people think that “Muppet” only refers to the ones they own. If it was a Henson Con, it would also include Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, The Storyteller, and maybe Sid the Science Kid and that stuff.
    It would be awesome and all, but we need a petition.

    • Oooooooooh! Henson Con!!! Please and Thank You!!!! I’d be up for any Con that was Muppet related. Do it! Do It! DO IT!!!!

    • I just found out about that show. Hoping to snag tickets and bring the whole family! As for a bigger Henson Con (without his name), I’d definitely want that too. Dark Crystal is easily one of my favorite movies. The more Henson the better! We’ll get a petition going if need be. But I’m feeling way more positive about this all around! Getting lots of support behind the scenes from some key players!

  3. This definitely needs to happen! Also, if any of you happen to live in the Los Angeles area, Caroll Spinney will be at Monsterpalooza at the Burbank Mariott this weekend 🙂

    • Glad to get some West Coast representing! This will happen, Samantha! Every shout of support just furthers my cause and gets me more and more pumped! I also love how this post is suddenly becoming a haven for “upcoming Muppets events.” 🙂

  4. Sounds amazing. I’ve worked trade shows from anime, arcade, to construction. Lov the Muppet and Henson ‘s other creations. If you need help drop me a line.

  5. “I wasn’t a big fan of any of the other movies, and honestly, pretty much lost my faith in Muppetdom after Jim Henson died. At that point, I just felt like the Muppets lost more than Kermit’s voice; they lost their soul.
    And then Jason Segel comes along to give the Muppets a bit of a reboot. I rolled my eyes at early footage and had pretty low expectations”

    You had me until you said that. Then you lost me.
    I myself have ALWAYS remained a supporter and fan of the Muppets, even after Henson’s unfortunate and untimely death. I have stuck with them through the good, the bad, and the indifferent.
    I choose to be cautiously optimistic.
    Not everything that the Muppets have done (even during Jim’s lifetime) has been good, but I have never lost the faith.
    Yes, Jim left us far too soon, but that doesn’t mean that the Muppets shouldn’t try to go on. Its only right for the next generation to carry the torch on.

    • Let me rephrase. I never stopped loving the Muppets. I just thought all the new Muppets stuff was unwatchable. Have you seen Muppets Wizard of Oz?? Even Muppets from Space was painful. I really wanted to like Muppets Tonight, and parts of it were fun, but overall it just seemed to be missing a really big spark. It wasn’t just Henson’s physical voice that was missing, it felt like the overal “voice of the Muppets” was gone. Maybe it was just the writing. I don’t know, but once I saw the new Muppets movie, I literally got goosebumps and all those old feelings piled right back in.

  6. I was at Muppetfest in LA and it literally changed my life. (Long story very short, it helped me meet my husband, and we’re now raising a little Muppet fan, who just asked us to sing Movin’ Right Along on the drive home tonight). I totally agree we need a Muppet Con!!

    • Yep! There’s one for Legos too! But wait… there’s a Pizza Con?!?!? How do I not know about this???/ 🙂

      And Chicago’s a great place for a con. Always loved the Chicago Comic Con (though it should’ve been downtown). I’m up for anywhere!

    • And I never even knew about the one MuppetFest! Definitely need to make this happen.

  7. Excellent idea. Contact the various puppetry guilds and get them on board. I’m in the DC area and this would be a great place to kick it off since Jim began his career here.

    • I’m already in talks with various Henson groups and working on the convention side of things. Gotta get lots of support to prove to someone that it’s worth doing financially. Thanks for the suggestion of D.C.!

  8. I would definitely be interested if this could come to London or somewhere in the UK. This would be my favourite thing ever.

    How is this going?