It’s Time To Get Things Started

If it’s good enough for Jim Henson’s ever-lovable Muppets, it’s good enough for me. I figured it’s finally time to get things started on the blog side of things.

When I originally started this site, it was purely to have an online portfolio where I could showcase samples of the freelance writing I’ve done over the years for both online and print. But as I continue to dive into freelance work full-force again, I’ve discovered something pretty magical. There are plenty of talented writers out there who are selflessly sharing their thoughts, advice and suggestions with the rest of the writing community. (Like Samantha over at Freelance Writing Dreams.) They’re not cramming ebooks down your throat or charging monthly subscriptions for their posts and articles. Instead, they’re giving back. They’re acting like a… well, like a community, which is really what the Internet does best. Next to amassing the largest collection of kitten photos known to man, that is.

I’ve learned a lot myself over the past decade or two in terms of writing and editing. And like any job out there, the best teachers never stop being inquisitive students. I’m still learning about various tips and tricks in regards to freelance work, and I just love interacting with other writers, reporters and bloggers. The way I see it, the biggest downside to being a full-time freelance writer is that you don’t have that office water cooler to hang around and chat with co-workers. Except, you kind of do. Change the plastic jug to any social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instant Messaging, the comments section of a blog) and the liquid to other online users, and you’ve got yourself a virtual water cooler open 24/7.

With all that in mind, I plan on posting fairly regular to my blog about all things related to writing, editing and freelance work in general. So stick around and join in the conversation. Just please don’t start talking about last night’s “American Idol” episode…



5 comments on “It’s Time To Get Things Started
  1. Allison says:

    Can’t wait to read your blog!!

  2. Hey Andrew! Thanks for the shoutout for FWD — helping freelancers achieve their dreams (that’s what we do!)

    I love that you mentioned the biggest downside to being…like…the BOSS is the absence of the water cooler chat ring — refreshing with a little snark sprinkled in — that’s the water cooler. It was certainly better than the cut-rate coffee EVERY single cubicle-infested corporate entity serves. Seriously? Could they at LEAST spring for some Columbian roast…once in a while?

    In all seriousness, I’m hard-pressed to find a downside in the full-time freelancing journey. I suppose the feast-or-famine gene shared by all freelancing businesses would count. One month you’re pulling in the green, hand over fist, like some rapper on MTv cribs. The next, you’re scraping every bit of peanut butter out of the jar wondering if you’ll ever sink your teeth in a tender sushi roll again. I’m starting my upswing now. I love that part of the parabolic cycle. 😉 But, I guess I wouldn’t feel like such a boss during the upswing, if I never had a downswing. Know what I mean?

    When you’re ready, hit me up for a guest post on your spanking new blog (topic of your choice, of course) and you can write one for FWD if you’re so inclined. We’ll exchange glitter so we each can sparkle. xoxo

    • Andrew says:

      Thanks, Samantha. There’s plenty of downsides depending on what type of person you are. Feast or famine being the biggest, as you mentioned. But also hunting down lots of work can be a tough battle at times. And the “loneliness” factor of no office mates share things with. That’s probably the biggest ones for me.

      Thanks for the guest post idea. I’m certainly interested in writing one for FWD, as well as having you guest post on here. Let me get a few more solid posts under my belt before I commit to anything, though.

  3. Moroshkina says:

    Happy belated Thanksgiving, Ben (and great terkuy, here). In thinking on Thanksgivings past, I smiled when remembering one year at Padre Pio with a whole host of delightful dinner companions! I hope all of the Hatkes had as happy a holiday this year.