If I Wanted to Work for Free…

This one was too good not to post for all my freelance friends and followers out there:


That’s not to say I won’t write things for free if I want to. Often I’ll just want to promote a person, brand, or product because I really do like them and want to spread the word. But when people come looking to “hire” you for “free,” that’s when you need to pull this sign out!


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3 comments on “If I Wanted to Work for Free…
  1. LOLs! Indeed, Andrew. But if we worked for free, how could we then afford sushi? Yeah, that’s a deal breaker. Must have sushi and overpriced coffee. #justsayin
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  2. Michael says:

    For some reason, I think a lot of people just assume freelance writers work for free. I ask them “Would you expect your plumber or mechanic to work for free?”

    That gets them thinking every time.