I Stirred Things Up on the Today Show

I Stirred Things Up on the Today Show

Today Show logoOne of my regular freelance gigs is writing for CafeMom.com’s  The Stir. It’s a site that loves to take a progressive and modern look at today’s hot topics from celebrities to parenting.

While the “Stir” in question refers to stirring a coffee cup (as in, here’s some articles that are just like a morning conversation with your friend over a cup of coffee), it really ends up being about controversial articles that stir up the crowd.

I’ve written some funny posts, some serious ones, and plenty that got lots of readers angry enough to write comments. Thankfully there’s always a good (many times equal) amount of readers who get my back and tell everyone else to just relax. It was thanks to a few Stir articles about 50 Shades of Grey that I ultimately got to appear on Katie Couric’s new talk show Katie and be interviewed right next to 50 Shades author E.L. James. Crazy but fun.

Now, once again thanks to The Stir, I’m on the Today Show. Or at least on the TodayShow.com. This morning, a friend alerted me that my latest hornet’s nest of  an article from The Stir was being discussed on TodayShow.com, even making it on to the front page of the website!

In the article called Blogger calls only children obnoxious, selfish, Dana Macario points out a few of my reasons for calling Parents of an Only Child, Selfish. She also included a number of quotes from angry readers who left comments on the article. While Macario didn’t choose sides, she clearly seemed to lean towards the readers, citing how I used “inflammatory language.” She pointed out the few positives I mentioned in having siblings but quickly countered with much lengthier quotes from the other side.

It was great that she spoke with a social psychologist about it as well, but it would have been nice to have seen some other quotes from readers, parents or therapists who agreed with me.

Now I’ll just have to sit back and wait for Matt Lauer to bring me on the set of the Today Show to truly round out this story.