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I Hugged Pac-Man and Kristen Bell All Thanks to My Writing

Pac-Man Nintendo World Store

In my 10+ years of writing, I’ve had the privilege and the pleasure of meeting and interviewing some of the coolest people on the planet. Granted, who I think is cool may be a bit different than who’s on your

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Learning, Assemble! What the Avengers Can Teach Us About Our Writing

I’m pretty damn excited. The Avengers movie hits theaters this week and as a glorified comic book geek, this is the ultimate movie I’ve been waiting for since childhood. I honestly contemplated playing hooky (and doing the same for my

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On Ghost Writing, Gettysburg and Mr. T

I took a lot of writing classes in college. At SUNY Binghamton they didn’t have a journalism major so I took the closest thing offered: Literature/Rhetoric. Yeah I had to sit through Shakespeare and various lit classes but the rhetoric

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Muppet News Flash: We Need A Muppet Con

While chatting on Twitter last night, @UberDorkGirlie commented that her eldest daughter declared there should be a Muppet Con. Now this is a woman who took it upon herself to get a Kickstarter program going so she could open up

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