Year: 2012

I Wish Only Death to the Serial Comma

Serial Commas are Wrong

If Dexter was a punctuation mark, he’d be a serial comma. They’re both bloody and unnecessary but at times, get the job done. I’m not a fan of either, though. In fact, I pretty much despise the serial comma. As

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10 Ways to Stay Focused and Motivated While You Work

Staying motivated at work

Lately, I’ve had a tough time focusing. Usually when I’m busy with tons of writing on my plate, I can knock each one off no problem. But these days, I’ve got a semi-full plate and for some reason it’s just

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Recent Article Roundup

allergy parents nightmares

I’ve been so busy writing lately, I haven’t had much chance to blog about writing! So I thought I’d give a quick roundup of some of my recent articles. They’ve really been a blast to write, actually, especially since a

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There is No Off Switch for Editors

Editing wrong words

I love writing. There I said it. Well, actually I typed it. But seeing as how I’m the writer and you’re the reader, what I say kind of goes. See how that works? Anyways, some of the best writers around

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Why Freelancers Should Submit Non-Paid Samples

As part of my daily routine, I browse a number of freelance job boards. WhisperJobs, Freelance Writing Jobs, and About Freelance Writing’s CraigsList Group are a few of my favorites. Yeah, I realize I just shot myself in the foot

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