Month: May 2012

There is No Off Switch for Editors

Editing wrong words

I love writing. There I said it. Well, actually I typed it. But seeing as how I’m the writer and you’re the reader, what I say kind of goes. See how that works? Anyways, some of the best writers around

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Why Freelancers Should Submit Non-Paid Samples

As part of my daily routine, I browse a number of freelance job boards. WhisperJobs, Freelance Writing Jobs, and About Freelance Writing’s CraigsList Group are a few of my favorites. Yeah, I realize I just shot myself in the foot

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Kids + Reading = Win!

I just love this poster from Burning Through Pages, a non-profit organization in Denver that helps kids join or launch book clubs in their communities. I was a huge reader as a kid, granted 50% of what I read was

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Learning, Assemble! What the Avengers Can Teach Us About Our Writing

I’m pretty damn excited. The Avengers movie hits theaters this week and as a glorified comic book geek, this is the ultimate movie I’ve been waiting for since childhood. I honestly contemplated playing hooky (and doing the same for my

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