Month: March 2012

Show and Tell

Last week, my wife and I attended “Curriculum Night” at our sons’ school. That’s where the two of us and our kids visit their classrooms and they get to show us around. We see their desks, artwork on the walls,

My Twitter Experiment: Getting Stores to Reply

Earlier this week, I wrote an article for entitled┬áThe 40 Online Stores You Need to Follow on Twitter. I’m pretty proud of how it came out actually, as it took me a few days to research and write. But

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Is Words With Friends Helping or Hurting Your Writing?

I have a confession to make. Yes, I love games (card games, video games, board games, word puzzles), but for some reason I could never get into playing Scrabble. Boggle? One of my favorites. Word searches? Give me a pen

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We Can Learn A Lot From Taco Bell’s Doritos Taco

H. B. Reese did it first when he mixed his chocolate with somebody else’s peanut butter. Or vice versa. But now Taco Bell has truly raised the bar for us all. Clearly one of Nature’s best kept secrets, the taco

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10 Things A Freelance Writer Must Do Daily

Ah, the freelance life. Such a carefree existence. No boss breathing down your neck. No co-workers belching incessantly at their desks. And no need to watch the clock like a hawk. It’s a virtual paradise. Or is it? Certainly there

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