Tecca.com is shutting down today. As a regular contributor to the site, I received the news a few days ago from our fearless VP of Content via a group email. While I haven’t written as much as I would’ve liked for the tech-centric site, I’ve loved every single article they published of mine. And yes, I’ve loved tons more on their site that I didn’t write too.

Unlike any other online company I’ve worked for,though,  the editorial team at Tecca was never in it for the quick scoop. Every article (whether a product review or gallery feature looking at 10 movies to keep you occupied until the Avengers 2 comes out) was painstakingly reviewed. You wouldn’t just write an article and post it, disregarding typos and poor grammar. At least three editors (usually more) would give your column a good hard look. And not just for copy editing.

I’ve had a few articles tossed back my way for clarification on specific sections, tightening needed in others, as well as general info about SEO, internal links, photos, etc. Many times comments were tossed back my way, even if the problems were already fixed. In short, Tecca’s editors didn’t just want us to hand in stories, they wanted us to hand in great stories. And they also didn’t want to just “Fix” things for us, they wanted us to learn. Learn how to not just write in Tecca’s style, but learn how to write better overall. That’s almost unheard of these days in terms of online publishing.

It was truly a pleasure working with Tecca’s knowledgeable editorial team and I’ll really miss the interesting story angles they loved taking on anything tech-related.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Editor-in-Chief than Dan O’Halloran. He was insanely supportive of my writing and worked real closely with me on many difficult assignments. Barb Dybwad was the most accessible VP of Content I’ve ever worked with, constantly reaching out to the entire editorial team for minor comments, feedback, or with loads of new potential assignments. And then there was Liz Harper, Michael Gray, Jennifer Jolly, Lisa Poisso, and tons more. They all helped me out in more ways than they’ll ever know and I wish each and every one of them tremendous luck as they move on to new careers.

If your company is in need of some seriously awesome editors, you couldn’t do much better than any of these guys. Somebody please hire them all!

As much fun as it’s been writing for Tecca and reading all the unique articles on their site, there’s been just as much fun behind the scenes. Whether it’s been through chat rooms or project management posts on Tecca’s Basecamp, or just through super long email threads that are half full of various LOLCats.

It’s truly been a pleasure and a blast, Tecca. Thank you for letting me be a part (a small part at least) of your technical wonder.


  • What a great article.
    How nice of you to have had such a great experience with a company. I’m sorry that they are shutting down, for your sake and for theirs. They sound like a terrific company, not only to work for, but in general.
    Not many people would have taken the time to point out how great it was to work with them and how much you learned from them, you are one classy guy, Andrew.
    BTW, love the cat graphic.
    Lorie Shewbridge recently posted..Happy 101st Birthday to my Father-in-LawMy Profile

    • Andrew

      Thanks very much for the kind words, Lorie! I was just a freelance writer for Tecca, so this doesn’t really affect me too much from a money angle. But a lot of those editors were working full time, so I know this definitely hit them hard. I’m sure they’ll land on their feet soon, though.

    • Arthur -This video was way too funny, but symbolic. The countdown is on for the 90 day journey. I know what it’s like to do something you’ve never done before.Your wife was hysterical as “the barber”. Can’t wait for the sequel to the haircut.Great motivational training aide to get people to step outside of the box and do a “new thing.” I’ll be visiting more often..-= Inez recently posted.. =-.

  • Jordan

    I absolutely love(d) Tecca. You were the third entry on my blogroll and I read the site daily. The content was always terrific and informative. It is very disappointing to see it go. I wish all of you the best and will follow you wherever you end up next.

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