Tecca.com Shutting Its Doors Today – I Has a Sad

Tecca.com Homepage

New here? Then why not subscribe to my RSS feed to keep up to date with my latest articles on writing, working from home, and starting your own business. Thanks very much! Tecca.com is shutting down today. As a regular contributor to the site, I received the news a few days ago from our fearless VP of […]

If I Wanted to Work for Free…

Freelance Sign

This one was too good not to post for all my freelance friends and followers out there:   That’s not to say I won’t write things for free if I want to. Often I’ll just want to promote a person, brand, or product because I really do like them and want to spread the word. […]

I Wish Only Death to the Serial Comma

Serial Commas are Wrong

If Dexter was a punctuation mark, he’d be a serial comma. They’re both bloody and unnecessary but at times, get the job done. I’m not a fan of either, though. In fact, I pretty much despise the serial comma. As for Dexter, well I haven’t watched enough episodes to cast any judgment yet. The serial […]